Kirsten’s Lunches

Kirsten’s Danish Bakery, in Burr Ridge, IL, is open for lunch offering those same delicious baked goods, but also provides café style dine-in or to-go sandwiches,, snacks and daily specials. The same Kirsten’s quality which has made her baked goods famous is used when making daily lunches on fresh baked breads. So stop in grab a quick bite … and while you’re here, you’ll want to pick up some dessert for dinner (or, an afternoon treat)! Check out our delicious lunch menu below!


Roasted Turkey Breast – Served with delicious imported Danish Havarti cheese, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, mustard & mayonnaise.

Big Tuna – Our signature tuna salad is made with all-white Albacore tuna, topped with lettuce, tomato, and cucumber. For everyone over 40, “Sorry Charlie,” this is Chicago!

Kirsten’s Famous Egg Salad – Our “#1” sandwich, served with lettuce, tomato, and cucumber. We recommend  3- seeded white bread for this one.

Chunky Chicken Salad – Made with our secret blend of ingredients. Served with lettuce, tomato, and cucumber. Now that’s an unbelievable sandwich!

Hammi Sammie – Baked ham, hard salami, Havarti cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and mustard. Oh yeah!

Cheese Veggie Sandwich – Our delicious imported cream Danish Havarti cheese with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mustard, and mayonnaise.

Quiche 6″– Homemade & Delicious. Served Wednesday & Friday or by special order.*

Homemade Chicken Pot Pie 6″ – Made fresh with our signature pie crust, chicken, and tender, flavorful vegetables. Available on Thursdays or by special order.*

Extra Cheese on any Sandwich


All sandwiches are served on your choice of our fresh baked breads topped with lettuce, tomato, and cucumber and finished off with a sample dessert and fresh fruit.

Choice of breads: traditional white, 3-seeded white, or healthy whole grain.




Assorted Drinks Available

Bottled Water


Cake Slices


Dream Bars

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cake Pops


And much more…