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About Kirsten’s Danish Bakery

Pastry PreparationIn 1989, Kirsten wanted to keep her family in touch with the rich Danish heritage she had grown up with. So, she decided to open her own Danish bakery. Kirsten knew good quality bakery from her many trips to Denmark and from her uncle who operated a bakery in Odense, Denmark. Kirsten wanted to offer those same rich flavors and textures in Burr Ridge, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago).

Kirsten traveled to Denmark and returned with an experienced Danish baker to start her new business. A second Danish baker joined Kirsten several years later. Together, Kirsten’s team of bakers produces an assortment of delicious bakery products, including mouth-watering cakes and award winning Danish Kringles.

Awards and Recognition

Cake DisplayKirsten’s Danish Bakery is recognized by various Scandinavian organizations as offering some of the finest, most authentic Danish bakery products in the United States. Kirsten’s, known for delicious cakes and superior cake decorating, has evolved into one of the best full-line bakeries in Illinois with a loyal customer base throughout the Greater Chicago area.

Chris Andrews, an exceptional cake decorator at Kirsten’s, took first place in a Chicago Area Retail Bakers Association (CARBA) Annual Cake Decorating Contest and at a RBA National Competition in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Chris took first place in the Sculptured Cake category.